So people who don’t celebrate Passover think that it’s over. They think Passover is a one or two day holiday that happened last week. But in actuality, Passover is eight days. It started last Sunday and ends this Sunday night.

That said, there are Jews all over the world who are still looking for a great Passover recipes. On the other hand, there are Jews and non-Jews all over the world who love nachos.

Passover recipes are known to be boring and bland but this one, especially if you use a healthy Matzah like those made of spelt or whole wheat, can taste almost as good as a huge platter of nachos but they’re much more healthy.

Maztah is, after all, simply a cracker. And a low-calorie, low-fat one at that. But to be perfectly honest, plain matzah normally tastes a little bit like a cross between a cracker and cardboard.

For this recipe, though, you may be you may find yourself buying a box of matzo for the first time in your life. Because let’s face it. It’s all about the toppings.

This unconventional take on traditional nachos is incredibly easy to make, and fun to share at the Passover table or all year round. My non-Jewish friends have gotten the recipe from me and make it to save a few (thousand) calories.

So here’s how you make them:

  • Grab 5-6 squares of matzah and align them on the bottom of a pan touching.
  • Then you want to grab any cheese and cover the matzah completely.
  • Then you can go in with your toppings, adding whatever you’d like. Some of my favorite toppings are lettuce, tomato, avocado, refried beans, corn, and onions. You can spice up the nachos even more by adding some brisket in the Passover spirit. (Jews won’t mix the meat and the cheese, but you make your choice!)
  • Finish off the Machos with a final layer of cheese, and stick them in the oven till melted.
  • Once they are ready, place them in the middle of your table and allow your guests to indulge on this fun treat. This is also a great after school or work snack if you are feeling extra hungry and your typical matzah pizza doesn’t seem like it’ll suffice.

Here's a video tutorial if you need a visual:

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.


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