Just blocks from the boardwalk and one of the Jersey Shore's most visited beaches stands a beautiful church, one with a rich history dating back to 1880.  After over 140 years, its future is uncertain and is being sold.  Let's discuss and take a look at this spectacular and spiritual building.

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It's safe to say that thousands and thousands of families have been through "this towering Gothic-style brick Sanctuary ."   Located in Asbury Park's east side at 701-705 Second Avenue, it has been the center of so much to so many.  Weddings.  Baptisms.  Confirmations.  Some of life's biggest moments in New Jersey have happened in this grand building, which is soon to have new owners.

The Roman Catholic Holy Spirit church went on sale on February 17th.  Presented by Elisabeth Spurrier, the property is now pending sale.  The architecture, look, and feel are impeccable.  Let's take a look at what the inside of a $2,750,000 church looks like.

Peek Inside Asbury Park's $2.75 Million Church - Pending Sale April 2021

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