Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. This woman needed her power restored because of a medical condition, so she took action!

A few weeks ago, Kynse Agles had a kidney transplant. When she was sent home, doctors told her that she needed to stay in air conditioning during her recovery. But just days after her surgery, Hurricane Irma hit, knocking out power to her Fort Myers home. So Kynse did what she had to do.

Being a very attractive woman, Agles decided to use that to her advantage, posing for a picture next to a sign that she made that read, "Hot single female seeks sexy lineman to electrify her life." All accurate.

And it worked! The picture was posted to social media, where it gained the attention of linemen who made their way out to Kynse's house to restore her power. They even posed for a picture behind her sign and left her a note!

So next time you're without power and you're an attractive blonde, use it to your advantage! Your power will be back on in no time!

Source: Fox 4

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