Ticks are the worst, plain and simple. They can be dangerous to both animals and humans, and our area is full of them. Here are some tips to help you stay safe.

Keep Your Yard Mowed And Clean
Ticks love to hide in piles of leaves and yard debris. Most experts agree that keeping your grass trimmed and tidy will reduce the number of ticks on your property.

Use Mice As Natural Exterminators
Try this tip from Houselogic.com: get mice to do the work for you. Create “tick tubes” by stuffing cotton balls soaked in pesticide into toilet paper tubes. Leave several of the tubes in your yard for rodents to discover. Mice will use the cotton to build their nests all over your yard, killing ticks in the process. They suggest using a chemical called Permethrin, which kills ticks but is safe for the mice.

Use Plants That Naturally Repel Ticks
Did you know that some plants actually repel ticks? According to The Gardening Cook, Chrysanthemums have a high level of natural pyrethrins that keep the ticks away. Other plants that repel ticks are geraniums, lavender and peppermint.

Keep Deer Away
A single deer can carry thousands of ticks and leave them in your yard. Even if you never see deer on your property, they may come to visit when you’re not around or sleeping. Fencing in your property is one solution, but you can also purchase cheap and effective deer repellent. Just make sure to apply it often, as rain and dew will wash it away.

Create A Tick Barrier
Ticks travel to your property from wooded areas. Just like a fence keeps out deer, a simple barrier will keep the ticks from wandering on to your property themselves. A wide strip of rocks, mulch or gravel around your yard will be enough of a barricade for ticks that could potentially make their way onto your property.


There’s no sure-fire way to entirely eliminate the risk of having ticks in your yard, so be vigilant and make sure to check pets, children and yourself every day after coming in from the outside.

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