They're panic-inducing, bloodsucking, and disgusting, and summer is their season. Ticks. If you've seen one lately and happened to take a photo of it, you could be of assistance to Rutgers University.

The Center for Vector Biology at Rutgers is reportedly trying to collect as many photos of ticks spotted in New Jersey as possible this summer as part of their research and effort to lower the number of residents infected with Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness, reports.

Vladimir Borovic/thinkstock
Vladimir Borovic/thinkstock

Not only are the scientists in the Vector Biology lab looking for photo submissions, they'd also like as much information about the tick as possible, for instance, where it was discovered.

Tracking the habits of those who come into contact with the harmful critters can help the university develop a map detailing tick and infection populations in the Garden State and elsewhere, according to

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About the study, Rutgers writes, "This is a citizen science project where we enlist people to submit ticks they come across in their everyday lives while living, working, and visiting New Jersey."

If you or someone you love was unlucky enough to find the tick you took a photo of ON you or them, Rutgers would like a specimen of the insect, as well, if it still exists.

You can send your tick submissions to Rutgers University through its new website, NJ Ticks 4 Science.

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