It’s possible that Bruce Springsteen would have been on stage at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands with the E Street Band as September 22, 2012, rolled past midnight into his 63rd birthday, but a 2 hour + weather delay sealed the deal.

It also sealed the deal that the following morning’s Bruce Brunch radio program would be pulled off following a minimal amount of sleep.

It was the final night of 3 shows at the Stadium during the Wrecking Ball tour, and it’s a welcome addition to the Springsteen Archive release series.  First Friday strikes again!

The thunderstorms that rolled across North Jersey were well-forecasted and nasty.  I was very fortunate to be holed up in Little Steven’s Underground Garage that night.  There was a great cast of characters in that room, and we all knew how lucky we were.  Thank you, Stevie!

Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham

The show reflected the situation, with an airing of “Who’ll Stop The Rain” and the new day being greeted by a cover of Wilson Pickett’s “In The Midnight Hour” (duh), which had last been performed with E Street in 1999 with The Wicked One at Bruce’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inauguration.

There were other cool tour premieres, with “Cynthia” as part of the show, and an amazing version of a very heartfelt “Into The Fire.”  There was also “Meeting Across The River,” which segued into a beautiful and emotional “Jungleland.”

And there was Gary U.S. Bonds (who has just turned 80!) for “Jole Blon” and “This Little Girl,” reprising his appearance from the prior night.

Oh, and you’ll hear me on this release as well.  And YOU if you happened to be at the show, as when the clock struck midnight more than 55, 000 people sang a spirited HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Big Boss Man.

And, naturally, there was birthday cake!  Delivered at the end of the show by Bruce’s mother Adele. The first slice of which was handed by Bruce to “first fan,” the late, great Obie Dziedzic. It was that kind of night.

This is the first stadium show from New Jersey to make the release line up. It is the eighth show from Bruce’s native state to be released and the fifth different venue. You can buy the show now by CLICKING HERE.

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