At least once a day I wonder why I'm still on Facebook.

Between mind-numbing political arguments (from both my liberal and conservative friends), repetitive memes, constant ads, knowing they're spying on my online all drives me insane, yet I know I can't just cut it out (mostly due to aspects of this job).

Thanks to Facebook's insistence on integrating with other apps, there has been yet another security leak that could have exposed your personal photos.

About 1,500 apps created by 876 developers were breached, impacting 6.8 million people - here's how to find out if you were one of them:

Click here while you’re logged into your account. You’ll see instructions on that page for what to do if you were impacted. Luckily my account was safe, which I like to think I can attribute to not allowing a huge number of outside apps having access to my account.


Hopefully you avoided this latest hack - and now is a great time to check up on your Privacy Settings, Security, Apps, and everything else connected through your Facebook account.

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