Since the state ordered restaurants to stop dine-in service and switch to only delivery/pick-up, we've seen dozens of restaurants lay off employees, working with skeleton crews, and in some cases shut down entirely.

Bryan and Michael Morin, owners of Federico's Pizza on Main Street in Belmar, treat their employees like family, so rather than let them all go, Morin went to the bank, took out a $50,000 line of credit, and promised to keep paying the 20 employees on Federico’s payroll.

Morin told

My father told us a long time ago: You’ve got to take care of your employees first, because without those employees, you don’t have a business at all. I definitely owe them a debt -- even if it means I might go into debt.

Awesome words from a compassionate boss and business owner. If you're in the area of Belmar, pay a visit to Federico's and help support local business.


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