An elderly West Michigan man recently got a real shock when he found out that he had a 61-year-old son, despite trying unsuccessfully to have children with his wife throughout their marriage.

After 81-year-old Tony Trapani's wife passed away, he was going through a filing cabinet containing a lot of her old stuff.

He came across a letter was originally sent to him, but was intercepted by his wife and never shown to him. The letter, postmarked in 1959, was from a woman claiming she had a five-year-old son and Trapani was the father, WXMI-TV Fox 17 reported.

For years, Trapani and his wife tried to have children. The Grand Rapids man said he has no idea why she would have hidden the information from him for so long.

Trapani and his son, Samuel Childress, met for the first time over the weekend.

They are now doing their best to catch up on an entire lifetime.

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