On a dreary March day, we're dreaming about a summer vacation down the shore. And we found a really unique cottage that caught our attention on Airbnb today.

The vacation property — which is located in Asbury Park, NJ — is listed as a "fairy tale cottage," and we gotta admit we could picture a "new" Jersey Shore style Fairy tale taking place in this cottage. Maybe it'd be called like Tony & Lisa's Love Story or something?

Anyway, it's adorable. It's separate from the main home, and I was kind of surprised by how big it was. I've got a ton of pictures posted for you down below, but first, let me tell you about this place.

This cottage apparently accommodates up to four people. That’s pretty big for a cottage, right? In fact, from the photos of the exterior, I was surprised that it was that spacious inside that four people would be able to sleep there!

“The renovation has demanded a lot of time and love and it has been worth it,” the listing reads in part. This makes sense because it looks like a lot of love and attention has gone into his property in recent years. It’s stunning, right?

And it looks pretty affordable too. Its average rate is only listed as $146 a night on Airbnb, and I gotta say that’s not bad at all for ANY shore town. Of course, Asbury Park is not just “any shore town” either.

So I rounded up pics of this Fairytale cottage so you can start writing your own Jersey Shore fairy tale:

Write Your Own Jersey Shore Fairtyle In This Adorable Asbury Park Cottage

This adorable cottage in Asbury Park, NJ may be the perfect summer getaway if you're looking to write a Jersey Shore style fairytale, like the Prince or Princess that you are.

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