Man's best friend helps solve a crime involving New Jersey's worst problem in Evesham Tuesday.

K-9 Brody helped his human officer friends nab a Camden City man and Blackwood woman who were found in possession of 33 bags of heroin and 5 vials of cocaine in a parking lot on Route 73.

Ben Shirk
Ben Shirk

Jared Baylor, 27, and Desiree Hughes, 28, were arrested by police following an investigation into drug dealing through sales of cocaine and heroin.

Brody walked around the car suspected to be involved in a deal and let officers know this was the one with drugs inside.

After an executed search warrant and arrest, Baylor and Hughes now face a number of charges including distribution and possession.

Baylor is charged with 2nd degree Distribution of Heroin, 2nd degree Distribution of Cocaine, 3rd Possession of Heroin and Cocaine and 4th degree Loitering with Intent to Distribute CDS and lodged in the Burlington County Jail with no bail.

Hughes is with charged 2nd degree Distribution of Heroin, 4th degree Loitering with Intent to Distribute CDS and a disorderly person's offense for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and was released on her own recognizance's.

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