OK, now I feel like Oprah when she gave our free cars to her studio audience..."you get a COVID test...you get a COVID test...and you get a COVID test!!!!!!!!!!!  OK, it is certainly not as good as a free car but did you know that you get a free PCR COVID test mailed right to your home just because you live in New Jersey?

Maybe it is just the Mom in me, but I feel the need to nurse people back to health. I want to give the world chicken soup, a warm blanket and a back rub.  COVID freaking blows and the start to feeling better is to know for sure if you even have it...yes, you can get a FREE PCR test mailed to you just because you live in New Jersey.

I just dealt with a bad case of COVID and I know first hand that once you start feeling bad, you are in no way in a position to go wait on line for a test. In fact, I hate the idea of sending people who think they may be sick to be with lots of other people who think they may be sick, possibly exposing them to their sickness.  So New Jersey is doing something pretty smart and I did not know about it until I needed it the most.  Hopefully this info will be helpful to you and your family too.

Every resident of New Jersey is entitled to a free COVID PCR test (normally a $90 cost) and it is shipped right to your home. I know tons of people who paid money and waited on long lines to get theirs and they had no idea they have this benefit available to them.

I ordered though this site myself, and it was really easy.  I was also able to order a test for everyone in my household at no charge. Just go here to sign up and get yours (even if you don't need it now, you may want to have it on hand in the future if you start feeling symptoms).

After you have your test kit, this is how it works:

Your test kit will come with expedited shipping

You will be prompted to log into the Vault’s virtual waiting room and do your test via Zoom

The wait time for a clinician are usually 15 mins or less (way shorter wait than in person)

Just a heads up, you can’t eat, drink, smoke, or chew anything for 30 minutes before you test

Next, you ship your saliva sample to the lab using a prepaid UPS package

Then you will get your results in about 24 to 48 hours after the lab gets your sample

It is easy and you can do it for free right from home which really helps when all you want to do is crawl into your bed. It is a great way to be proactive and get your free test on hand.  I hope this helps and yes, I'm sending your Mom hugs xo

By the way, I'm having another Mom moment...I know you want to wipe everything down under the sun right now but there are some things you should NOT use wipes on...

Don't Use Disinfecting Wipes On These Items

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