Stars love visiting us at the Jersey Shore! This summer has been filled with sightings and here's another exciting one.

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"Everybody Loves Raymond" star Ray Romano not only has visited Long Beach Island in the past, but he's here again this summer. I was browsing through Facebook and saw a post taking off in the "All Things LBI" Facebook page. It was a resident (Elizabeth) with a picture of Ray (posted below). Both had big beautiful smiles and the comments that followed were great. Some made me chuckle, others were heartwarming, while others just gave me some great information. Here are a few.

Anne: Ray vacations in Love Ladies every year for two weeks. He also hits most of the mini golf courses on the island.

Lou: I saw Tom Hanks at the chicken or the egg.

Joan: Thanks, Ray for sharing your love and life with my LBI family.

Kate: I'm not sure if he realizes the joy and happiness he has brought into our lives.

Robin: I saw him at the water park probably 20 something years ago. He signed one of the mats for the lifeguards.

And he's a customer of Bay VIllage Pizza in Beach Haven, New Jersey. While he was there this weekend, Elizabeth K met him and got a picture!

Elizabeth and Ray Romano on LBI - Courtesy: Elizabeth K on Facebook
Elizabeth and Ray Romano on LBI - Courtesy: Elizabeth K on Facebook

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The home they've rented in the past is below and located at 9 Long Beach Blvd in the Loveladies section of Long Beach Township.

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