I know that everyone in Hollywood MUST hate the Kardashians. Along with any American with a brain. They have NO talent and yet they are on television nonstop. Kim also recently was awarded a lead role in a major motion picture. One man finally said what everyone else is thinking. That man is 007 himself, Daniel Craig. He went on a profanity laced tirade against them that I applaud. In fact, Daniel Craig is my new hero. I am so happy that somebody pointed out what the real deal is. The Kardashian family is everything that is wrong with America today. Talent used to matter. Talent used to be the most important thing in society. We listened to people who were intelligent or entertaining. People would then market those people to the masses. Kim K and her "Klan" just bypass the intelligence and the entertaining aspects and just focused on the marketing. Look around at all the rubbish television on today. They are responsible for taking jobs away from talented actor and actresses. Not to mention the unsung heroes of society, the writers.

I also love a good profanity laced tirade. People don't go on tirades anymore and everyone is afraid to use bad language. Nothing airs grievances better then profane words. People need to say what is on their minds more often. Especially when it is about terrible television injustice. Kris Jenner, Bruce, Kourtney, and Kim are just evil and I am glad James Bond was brave enough to say what I have been saying on 105.7 The Hawk for a long time. Do you also hate the Kardashians?