He's the only member of Yes to appear on every single album.

He's renowned for his melodic and powerful bass lines, which have influenced countless musicians.

He's also in a new duo called "Squackett".

Say what?

Back to that in a second.

I'm talking about Chris Squire , born on March 4, 1948, in London, England.

Bass player, backing vocalist and music contributor to the legendary Yes, Chris turned 64 on Sunday.

Earlier this year, it was announced that in addition to touring Yes' 2011 album, "Fly From Here", this year,  Chris will release his debut album with former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.  Blend their last two names and you have the name of the collaboration.

Yes, it's called Squackett.

The new self-titled album is expected in May with a possible tour later in the year.

Here's a tasty little piece of soloing from Chris:



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