I love rollercoasters.  If there's an amusement park close by, there's a good chance I'm going to try almost every ride.

Not only try it but try it multiple times.

The one thing I know I do not think about is ride safety.  Hey, these are massive corporations, right?  A business that admits thousands of people throughout the year.

The last thing I, or really anyone going to these amusement parks want to or need to think about is the safety of the rides we are all about to jump on.

Unfortunately, that's not the case.  Now, I get it, sometimes a ride breaks down, and you are either stuck on it for a small period of time or the ride breaks down and you have to get off.  Those instances seem reasonable.

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What about a derailment, or in this case partial-derailment?

A report is now circulating around that very issue.  According to NJ.com the ride El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure suffered a partial derailment, which by the way, still doesn't make it better, last June.  They failed, according to the article, to report this to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.  Now they have been fined for the incident.

The ride isn't all that old.  It opened up back in 2006.  I get it, things happen, but make sure the proper authorities are informed about incidences like this.

When will El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure Reopen?

Now there is good news for this very popular ride.  The El Toro has gone through a rigorous series of tests, inspections, and certifications, according to Six Flags' Facebook page.  The ride is set to reopen in the Spring of 2022.

It's a very impressive wooden coaster, and I'm excited when this is up and running to the public again.


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