Eddie Murphy's career has been through a lot of up and downs (although the highs are among the highest in the history of Hollywood). Right now he is probably as big as he's been in over a decade with a new movie, Tower Heist, coming out as well as hosting the 2012 Academy Awards. On the Ellen Degeneres Show this week Murphy said he is no longer angry at the people at SNL (David Spade made comments in the 1990s) and is willing to return as host under the right circumstances. I think it's nuts that Saturday Night Live didn't kiss up to Eddie a long time ago. The guy is by FAR the most famous cast member. Keep this is perspective, 48 Hrs. grossed way more $ then the Blues Brothers & that isn't close to his biggest movie. He is also by FAR the most talented person to ever grace that cast. He made this guy a star, yes that guy. Lorne Michaels needs to stop holding a grudge against members of the cast he didn't hire ASAP and book Eddie. It would get the highest ratings on the show since the 70's guaranteed. Get it done SNL!