On the Today Show this morning, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar of television's 17 Kids and Counting announced they were expecting their 20th child. They had a ton of complications with pregnancy #19, but that fact didn't stop them from pursuing their goal to have as many kids as possible. Baby #20 is due in April. I can't believe that more people aren't grossed out by this couple. Clearly they have the right to do what they want but this is disgusting to imagine. There is no way they have fun creating these children at this point. ALL that ground has been covered many times over. I don't just mean for the obvious reasons (we know what they are) either, but once you do something enough times doesn't it get boring? Their oldest child is 23 years old and their youngest is 23 months. That is an awful lot of child birth and even more adult relations. How do they even have time to pay attention to the kids and still do that?

Michelle Duggar is 45 years old and shocked that she was able to conceive at this point but pointed out that she and Jim Bob didn't believe in birth control. Now that is a shocker; if they had 20 kids using birth control how many kids would have had without it? I know children are a great blessing but aren't we at the point where they have too much of a good thing? Last point, if given the opportunity would you try Michelle Duggar out just to see what's its like? She is like Superwoman. May be a once in a lifetime opportunity.