Dry January doesn't have to mean Boring January.

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Happy New Year!  Are you taking part in Dry January (no, that doesn't mean staying out of the rain and snow.)

Dry January is when people give up alcohol for an entire month (aka January, to start the new year).  I can't find the exact date when it first started, but I know it's become more and more popular over the last few years.

This year, I'm giving it a whirl (I have to admit, I cheated and started January 3rd since I did see friends on New Years' weekend).  As someone who enjoys a glass of wine at social events, or to kick off the weekend, I'm a little uneasy.  If you're partaking in Dry January, or want to try it out after reading this, I bet you're feeling the same way.

Dry January doesn't have to mean Boring January.  Think of it as an opportunity to drink other things - like juice.  If you want to embrace the wellness aspect of Dry January, check out these Jersey Shore Juice Bars you gotta try! I've even picked out a menu fave from each spot for you.

Here's an update to my Dry January.  It only lasted a day.  See, I went to dinner and someone had to order a glass of wine.  So, of course, I ordered a glass of wine (but hey does it count that it was a dry wine?)  Dry January is over for me but I have all the faith in you.  If you are keeping up with Dry January, please check out some of these amazing Juice Bars throughout Ocean and Monmouth County.

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Dry January doesn't have to mean boring January. Check out these must-try Jersey Shore Juice Bars while you're taking a break from the alcohol!

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