The Macau Grand Prix is a street race that took place this weekend that had an unusual finish. Laurens Vanthoor was leading the race when he hit the curb, flipped his car and landed upside down. If that isn't scary enough, he had to watch the other racers fly towards him at 150+ mph. Vanthoor shockingly finished the race upside down on the roof of this race car. He said that physically, he is OK. But he’s mentally shaken up from from the crash, which us understandable after an ordeal like that.  

The really weird part is the fact that before the race was called off, Earl Bamber passed Vanthoor, but somehow ended up finishing in fourth place. It turns out that the officials based the results off the last completed lap, which put Vanthoor in first! Bamber ended up fourth because of a five second penalty that he received at the start of the race. This is definitely one that Vanthoor will never forget.