Over the next couple of days, people living in and around Brick may see some low-flying helicopters. Before the conspiracy theorists start ranting about unmarked helicopters, the Brick Police Department got out in front to let everyone know that they didn't need to worry, the choppers were just there to inspect power lines.

My coworker has talked about helicopters before, and it is usually one of two things: inspecting power lines, or attacking mosquitoes. The aircraft he took a picture of looks different from what the Brick Police Department shared, so I'm inclined to think he saw a bug-bomber, not a line-inspector.

A couple weeks ago my wife and I were driving out towards Long Beach Island and saw a helicopter with those wide arms coming from its base, and it took such a sharp dive down that we literally thought it was crashing into the trees. It didn't look anything like the black helicopters that the Brick Police pictured, so I'm guessing we also saw an attempt at lowering the mosquito population.

So if you're driving around or hanging out in the backyard and see a helicopter that looks lower than you would expect, there's no need to worry.

Of course, if the government really wanted to drop mind-control drugs into our water supply or spy on random citizens, saying they were just trying to kill bugs or inspect power lines would be the perfect cover story...wouldn't it?

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