A few years back I was at a 50th birthday party at the Jersey Shore.

The party was great, we grilled up steaks, had some shrimp, roasted veggies, and of course, ended the night with some drinks and birthday cake.

At some point in the evening, a Snow Cone truck showed up in the driveway and parked there for about twenty minutes while everyone got some iced refreshment.

I don't know who thought that was cooler; the kids, or the adults who had a few too many.

Photo by Anderson Schmig on Unsplash
Photo by Anderson Schmig on Unsplash

What I liked about the pull-up Snow Cone truck is just that; it pulls up to where you are.

We didn't have to scramble for cash or get our steps in chasing a truck down the street.

What if ice cream trucks took that approach?

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What if an ice cream truck let you know where it was going to be and when, and even gave you the option to pre-order your dessert.

What if on top of that, they offered a full menu of tasty treats?

I don't mean your run-of-the-mill screwballs, choco tacos, and fudgie wudgie bars.

I mean shakes, full sundaes, freshly scooped cones, or an option to build your own frozen creation with a ton of toppings.

Now, what if I told you that this isn't a fantasy?

Enter the Scream Truck

What is the Scream Truck?

The Scream Truck according to their website is:

Your Neighborhood, on dmeand ice cream truck

The way it works is you add your address to the list of available routes in New Jersey, and the scream truck will send you a text whenever it is going to be in your neighborhood.

You can then reply to let the tuck know you'd like some ice cream.

To make it even more convenient, you can pre-order online and the scream truck will pull up with your ice cream ready to go.

Where does the Scream Truck Operate?

For the most part, the Scream Truck has routes in North Jersey but they are expanding so something could be added closer to you in the future.

For a full list of routes, check out their list.

What Kind of Ice Cream does the Scream Truck Have?

Their menu has everything from cones, to shakes, to sundaes, and on top of that, you can create your own creation with their toppings, drizzles, and mixers.

I may have to think of moving closer to one of their routes because that looks delicious.

The company also does private events, so you can scream for ice cream at your next party, reunion, or if you want to have the coolest office party around.

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