These very familiar bugs are not what you might think they are.

We all love ladybugs, these bugs sort of look like ladybugs. But, they are not. Ladybugs are said to bring good luck when you find one, red with black spots. This bug looks very familiar but it will not bring you good luck.

This bug, CLICK HERE to what it looks like. The Asian Ladybug or the "Halloween beetle" bug is what it's called because it seems to come out in autumn, this bug. It's orange with black spots and on its neck, it looks like a butterfly-shaped tattoo.

My husband works for a pest company and he tells me there are so many of these around Ocean County. His clients will call him and say, "I have ladybugs all over my house." They're not ladybugs, they're these invasive, orange-spotted, ladybug-looking things.

Typically, these bugs come out in the fall, a lot like the stink bug. According to, these bugs are not cuties like ladybugs, they actually bite. Usually, they can be spotted hiding in a corner or coming through cracks in the ceiling.

Nick, my husband the pest man, says when you crush these gross bugs, they emit smelly orange goo, whatever that is? And, he got some on his clothing and it stained his clothing, so be careful. The best way to get rid of these bugs is to call a pest place or use a vacuum to suck them up.

These Asian beetles were more in the midwest, but in recent years have migrated to the east coast. Just keep your eyes out for these bugs. Remember they do look like an adorable ladybug, but the color is a little different, a little bit more orange than the ladybug, and of course look for that butterfly tattoo on the neck of these weird bugs. CLICK HERE to check out the Asian Ladybug, thanks to

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