You might have heard that in preparation for the Olympics, stray dogs and cats are being  "culled" ahead of the Games.

This isn't the first controversial move on the part of the Russian Government.

According to, some have called for a boycott of the 2014 Olympics because of Russia’s anti-gay policies, including a piece of legislation signed into law in June 2013 banning “homosexual propaganda.”

The government is now poisoning stray dogs and cats on the streets of Sochi.

Concerned locals have been documenting the cull’s victims through photo and video footage and animal activist groups have again called on the city to end its futile population control method, urging Sochi to instead build a shelter for homeless animals.

When I hear of poisons being used to destroy animals, I'm particularly grieved, as poisoning is a slow and painful death.

To help stop this cruel cull, please sign the petition at


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