Actually...It's THREE hours of Doggie-Hour every Monday from 6p-9p (all Summer long) at Joey Harrison's River House in Forked River

There will be live music, but it will be pretty mellow so the loud music doesn't scare the dogs

There are some rules:

Dogs must have current rabies tag or dog license. Choke, prong and spike collars are not permitted. At this time dogs must stay on a leash. Please do not bring toys or dog food. Owners are expected to pick up after their dogs. We ask that you be diligent about watching your dog to make sure they are not humping, acting aggressively or getting overheated or agitated. We are extremely aware of the safety and comfort of both our canine and human guests. There is security at all times during Dogg Hour. Please respect them, listen to them, and if you are asked to put your dog in ‘time out’ or to leave with your dog, please realize this is for the safety of your dog and all the other dogs and guests


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