A Utah man went bird hunting on Tuesday. He stepped on a boat to move the decoys that he uses on the hunt. Everything was going great. The sky was blue, the water was calm, and he had his faithful companion by his side. Then things went terribly wrong. His dog stepped on his owners shotgun and shot him right in the butt!! You read that correctly, the man left his shotgun laying down loaded with bird shot and his dog shot him. He was rushed to the hospital and doctors had to remove 27 pellets from the man's body. Apparently his waders saved him from being more injured.

I am not sure I buy this story. Every experienced gun owner will tell you that when you put your gun down you put the safety on. Did the dog remove the safety? Also, if the gun was laying down on the boat, how did it shoot the man in the butt and not the ankles and calves? I think that maybe these guys FRAMED the dog to take the fall. The dog was not injured either. If any mammal shoots me in the butt they are gonna have hell to pay! The story that was told to authorities is that his "friend" drove the boat. Am I the only one that thinks its possible that this "friend" may have shot him by "accident" and they blamed the dog, either out of fear or to keep themselves out of trouble? Was the friend former Vice President Dick Cheney?

I am not sure the victim isn't the dog here. Blaming that poor dog for a shooting is terrible. How is he supposed to live with the shame of being charged with a crime he didn't commit? How is that a good way to treat man's best friend? If the dog did do it, he should be in jail. We can't just have dogs out there shooting their masters. If that happens there is anarchy. On a serious note, please remember to keep the safety on your firearms when you are not using them. Do you think the dog shot the man by accident or is scruffy the scapegoat?