President Obama had put a ban on drilling for oil off the Atlantic Coast until 2022. Now, the current administration looks to roll back that ban.

The new plan would set up nine areas off the Atlantic coast could be leased for drilling: three for the Mid-Atlantic, three for the South Atlantic, two for the North Atlantic and one for the Florida straits, with New Jersey falling in the "North Atlantic" region.

New governor Phil Murphy has already voiced his opposition to the new rigs. One oil spill could devastate the Shore, which makes up nearly half of the state's $41.9 billion tourism industry, according to state figures. Beyond tourism, New Jersey’s commercial fishing industry generates over $7.9 billion a year and supports more than 50,000 jobs.

oil spill
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

I don't care who you voted for, I just want to know who could honestly support offshore drilling. Unless you happen to own an oil company, you can't possibly want to run the risk of an oil spill destroying our beaches, right? Really, please try to convince me (without bashing Obama/praising Trump/bashing Murphy/whatever) that this is a good idea.

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