Last night we got hit with a wintry mix including sleet and freezing rain. Those conditions led to many of us having to scrape a thick layer of ice off our car windows.

If you don't have the normal ice-scraper, or just don't want to stand out in the cold longer than you have to, what types of tips or tricks or hacks do you use?

This weatherman makes his own de-icing liquid, rather than paying extra for the store-bought kind. Just mix tap water and rubbing alcohol, and the ice should melt away.

One thing not to do? Throw boiling water on your windshield. I've seen this "hack" many times, and you're pretty much just asking to have your windshield shatter.

Has anyone tried to trick of laying a beach towel across your windshield, so all the ice sticks to the towel and you just have to peel it off rather than chip away at it? Something in my brain tells me that doesn't work, but I've never seen anyone actually try it.

Personally, I'll just do things the old-fashioned way. Crank up the heat in my car, and get a quick arm workout doing the scraping.

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