Early this week, Regal Cinemas said they would be closing all 500+ theaters this Thursday due to "an increasingly challenging theatrical landscape" caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to NPR:

The decision was announced after the James Bond franchise's No Time to Die was shelved until 2021, further pushing back a release that had already been delayed.

Regal Cinemas is also said that the closure is temporary, but no word if and when the company would reopen and resume business, and that they are monitoring the situation.

It is a shame that things that we love such as movies are still affected by this pandemic. Going to the movies is one of the ultimate "escapes" from the real world.

Hearing the news of Regal Cinemas shutting down got me thinking...Are people going to the movies? Do you feel safe going to the movies? What movies are actually in theaters right now?

Back in late August, Governor Phil Murphy allowed movie theaters to open with reduced capacity.

For any multiplex that has multiple theaters, the capacity will be capped at the lesser of either 25% capacity, or 150 people for each theater.

As I am sitting here writing this, I still can not think of a single movie that is in theaters currently. Hold on let me go look...

"Unhinged" with Russell Crowe, and a movie called "Tenet" by Christopher Nolan that I might recall hearing about

So let me ask...Have you gone to the movies since they reopened? Do you feel safe? Let us know on the Hawk's Facebook page

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Andy Chase
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