This time of year is supposed to be the season of giving. Over the weekend most people were trying to scramble to get last minute gifts. A couple of sports legends were having a lot more trouble then just finding presents. Both Kobe Bryant and Deion Sanders are getting divorced. It appears that Deion Sanders has decided to leave his wife Pilar while Vanessa Bryant is is trying to take Kobe to the cleaners. When it comes to divorce these women REALLY believe in the season of giving.

What is sad about this is neither woman is what I consider a "real wife". A real wife comes along before a man achieves greatness and then helps him prosper. (The same goes for a "real husband") In both these cases these women are FAR from real. Kobe Bryant had already won a NBA title and had made an excess of 30 million dollars (and secured a 70 million dollar extension) before Vanessa showed up, yet she is going after 60% of his wealth. She didn't make 1 jump shot, she didn't dunk on anybody, she didn't even make a free throw, but she thinks she deserves more than half the money!! Same goes for Pilar Sanders. When she arrived Deion Sanders had already won 2 Super Bowls, been nicknamed "Prime Time", and he was on his way to the Hall of Fame. I hope she doesn't share Vanessa's view on her contribution to his career.

I feel the system for divorce in America is broken. Why isn't Kobe allowed to write his soon to be ex-wife a reasonable check and then pay child support? Same goes for Deion's soon to be ex. Wouldn't it be a better system if the person making less money got a GIANT lump sum of money and then child support? Why do women today feel they DESERVE so much of the money? Money that they didn't in any way earn? It used to be valued when a man would go out and bring home the bacon. Now they are just punished.

I don't want to come off sexist. I don't think these men should be able to leave their wives high and dry. I just think their needs to be a point where enough is enough. I think an equation like this would work. We will call it the Tyrone Johnson Millionaires Divorce Pact. In the case of all millionaires, the spouse should get 15% of the NET income made during the marriage in a lump sum. If there are children involved then additional child support would then be assigned. Spousal support would be completely eliminated. If the woman is a real wife and helped the man before he ever made 1 million dollars the percentage would increase to a generous and very fair 20%. That way everyone can live comfortably and nobody gets any of the money they don't deserve. The longer you are married the more you get so it would also keep the gold diggers from swooping in and ruining a life.

What do you think of the Tyrone Johnson Millionaires Divorce Pact? Would it make divorces better? Leave your comments below!

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