I know it's a cliche, but Target really has become a way of life. Food shopping? Make a trip to Target. Home decor? Can't go wrong with Chip & JoJo from Fixer Upper. The joke of going in to buy one specific item only to leave $100 poorer than you expected isn't a joke.

Now, things will get even harder to resist as select Target stores are integrating with Disney!

The first Disney/Target collabs will open at 25 locations this October, with 40 more to open in October 2020. The Disney shops will carry over 450 products, from toys and games to home decor and collector's items, and will go beyond the usual Disney princesses and classic movies to include gear from Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. The locations will also have areas for photos (gotta get it for the Gram), interactive displays, and an area where families can watch Disney movie clips.

Here's the catch - the closest Target/Disney will be a bit of a hike from us, in Philadelphia. Target says they chose stores based on the local interest we’ve seen from our guests in shopping Disney. Start getting in touch with your local Target, and maybe we'll see Toms River or Brick or Manahawkin get a Disney store in 2020.

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