Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice discussed his recent collaboration with the late rapper DMX in a new episode of his Ian Paice Drumtribe YouTube series.

Paice laid down a groove for DMX’s “X Moves,” which also features Yes and Asia guitarist Steve Howe and Parliament-Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins. The song was released on April 9, shortly before it was confirmed that DMX had died at age 50 after reportedly suffering an overdose that resulted in a heart attack.

The collaboration has apparently drawn some confusion and negative feedback from Paice fans who prefer the drummer’s hard-rocking endeavors.

Paice admitted in his new video that “X Moves” was outside his wheelhouse, but that he’s no stranger to different styles of music.

“It’s true, hip-hop and rap is not a genre of music that I have any great love for,” he said. “Then again, it’s not targeted at me. Why should I understand it? There’s lots of sorts of music I don’t really have an affinity with. That’s okay, we all like different stuff.” You can watch the video below.

“I’ve played with orchestras, I’ve played with jazz guys, I’ve played with big bands, I’ve done novelty records,” he continued. “It’s not unusual for me to step outside my normal sphere of rock music. This is just another instance where I’ve done it.”

Paice also squashed suggestions that he recorded “X Moves” because he “needed the money,” saying he “received no fee for this track” and “did it for a friend.”

The drummer also clarified that all four musicians recorded their parts for the song remotely. Paice said he's found solace in studio work since the coronavirus pandemic put live music on hold indefinitely — even if it’s outside his comfort zone.

“It’s all about taking the chance to play when you can, especially at this time when we can’t be onstage,” Paice said. “So when I get these offers to do slightly off-the-wall things, and I think I can do an okay job and have a bit of fun doing it, then I'll take it. And if it puts a few noses out of joint of the dedicated rockers, hey, don't worry about it, man. I'm sure I'll do another couple of good rock tunes you'll enjoy in the future.”

You can listen to the song below.


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