In 1971, Pink Floyd used Pompeii's amphitheater as the site of their landmark concert film. Last night, David Gilmour came back to the venue as a solo artist.

As previously reported, Gilmour's Pompeii return started off a two-night stand in the city — and included an audience, unlike Pink Floyd's filmed 1971 performance. As with his other recent shows, Gilmour's set list spanned Floyd favorites and solo songs, including some culled from his recent Rattle That Lock LP.

"It's an extraordinary place to be because it was preserved exactly as it was," Gilmour told Rolling Stone. "There are many other sites. If you visit any other antiquity-type sites throughout the world, they're very damaged with what's gone on over the centuries since they were abandoned. But this one was just, like, sealed, so you're looking at rock surfaces and the carving of letters and names in the stones looks like it was done yesterday."

It isn't just ancient history that Gilmour felt when he returned to the venue. "I was slightly overwhelmed yesterday when we came here for the first time," he admitted. "We came back here about 10 years ago, with our kids, to show them around the arena. And they were rocking around in there. But coming back yesterday and seeing the stage and everything, it was quite overwhelming really. It's a place of ghosts … in a friendly way."

Check out fan-shot footage from the performance above, and take a look at the complete set list below.

David Gilmour Set List: Pompeii, July 7, 2016
"5 A.M."
"Rattle That Lock"
"Faces of Stone"
"What Do You Want from Me"
"The Blue"
"The Great Gig in the Sky"
"A Boat Lies Waiting"
"Wish You Were Here"
"In Any Tongue"
"High Hopes"
"One of These Days"
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" (Parts I-V)
"Fat Old Sun"
"Coming Back to Life"
"On an Island"
"The Girl in the Yellow Dress"
"Run Like Hell"
"Breathe" (Reprise)
"Comfortably Numb"

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