The Cove in Bayville closed its doors for the last time on Sunday night. Some customers didn't want to let go, and decided they would bring some of The Cove back home with them.

General Manager Mary D'Amelio said they caught two men on surveillance video, taking the sign from the front of the building.

D'Amelio said

They wanted a little piece of The Cove. What are you going to do?

While not everyone was brazen enough to take the sign, other customers lifted pictures and nautical items from inside the bar. People also took lights from the tiki bars and other things from the outside of the restaurant.

D'Amelio hasn't reported the theft to the police department because the footage is blurry and the license plate can't be clearly seen.

The Cove was opened by owner Lou Turro in 2011; Turro sold the business and plans to retire.

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