Old men are scary.  They have life experience, most of them are war veterans and, worst of all, they may gum you to death because most have no teeth.  Well, this old man has come to invoke all the old man paranoia, as he is shown carrying a baton just to smash someone’s car window.

The reason for this intimidation tactic is a landscaping incident that involved a client getting improper concrete placement. The client demanded a cash refund, but the landscaping company denied his request.  This caused the man to go all Godfather and send this old man after them. The two parties then took to the internet where they began a battle of "No, I’m the victim," as they tried to win over the internet’s support.

So far, this contest of whiners has failed to yield a winner, but has escalated to the point where another window has been smashed at the client’s office. When it does finally end, it’s very likely that Hollywood will buy the film rights so they can do their own gangster/mafia-style movie based on the while incident.


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