If you're heading to Walmart soon, you may find yourself waiting in a line outside the door and in the cold.  It brings me back to late in the spring when I'd sometimes wait 20 minutes to get some much-needed household items, groceries, and toilet paper.  Yes, remember that?  I do and I'm not looking forward to it again.  But, why is Walmart limiting numbers in their stores?  Here's why:

Positive tests for COVID-19 are surging throughout the United States and Walmart is looking to limit capacity to just 20%.  They say these limits "will be safer and more manageable for both our customers and our associates." According to Worldometers, our country had over 150,000 new positive cases yesterday.  In New Jersey, we had over 3,300 new cases yesterday.  To put that in perspective, in early September it took us 7 days to achieve 3,000 new cases.  Now it is just one day.  Sadly, these numbers have been steadily rising for the past few weeks.  With chilly weather upon us (it is 32 degrees in Toms River as I write this), it will likely get worse in the coming weeks and months.

This morning news broke that New York City schools will be closing down due to a COVID-19 outbreak.  Put all these things together and a lot of folks are worried.  Today Governor Murphy urged everyone to practice social distancing, even at home and even at upcoming family holiday events.

Mask up, friends.  It could be a rough winter.  Protect yourself.  Protect others.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy.


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