Police were called after a priest witnessed two people having sex in a garden located between the Our Lady of Perpetual Help church and the rectory.

Shortly after 12 noon on Tuesday, officers responded to call where they found the couple, still fully engaged in the act.

It was an easy trip for the officers, because the church is LITERALLY NEXT DOOR to the Seaside PD headquarters.


Ocean County Scanner News has the audio of the call, if you want a quick laugh. I know this is a crime and should be taken seriously and all...but come on! Of all the towns at the Shore, of course this happened in Seaside Heights. Of all the places around Seaside Heights, how do you end up at a church next to the police department? And most importantly, of all the people in Seaside, (I know it's not fair to judge based on appearance, but...oh well) why is it the last two people we'd want to see having sex?

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