Just in case you don't know, Cameo is a website where celebrities of varying fame will record a personal message to anyone for a price. Want Jim O'Heir from Parks and Recreation to wish your boyfriend a happy birthday? It'll cost you $175. Want YouTube star Tay Zonday to congratulate your dad on his retirement? It'll cost you $40. Want Drew Brees to wish your daughter luck on her SATs? It'll cost you $450! Anyway, it's a gigantic list of A-list all the way down to Z-list celebs, and Chris Christie recently joined the site and will send personal messages at $200 a pop.

In the past, some hate groups have duped celebs into reading messages with hidden metaphors that demean minorities. Brett Favre fell for it, and so did Andy Dick and Soulja Boy.

According to Gizmodo, Christie read a message asking a guy named Greg to come back home to New Jersey. Christie reads a cliche laundry list of what makes New Jersey great (taylor ham, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, etc), and asks Greg to come home from Montana.

What Christie did NOT know is that the person who requested the Cameo was the campaign manager of Democratic candidate for governor of Montana, Mike Cooney. Cooney is taking on Greg Gianforte, who moved from Jersey to Montana.

The Cooney campaign took Christie's words and turned them into an anti-Gianforte commercial, which, while dirty, is frickin hilarious.

Christie, of course, was pissed, saying "I am doing Cameo to benefit a NJ charity that shelters & treats drug & alcohol addicted pregnant women & they send this misleading request." Cooney replied that he is "always happy to contribute to a worthwhile and important cause."

I totally understand Christie's frustration, as well as Favre or any other celeb who is just reading a random request. I'm sure if someone asked me "hey, can you give a shoutout to ___ on the air?" I wouldn't know every single code word that racists use, and might fall for something myself (please, don't do that to me). It does suck that racists would abuse this platform, but it's still just plain funny that Christie didn't even succumb to racist language, instead just endorsed a candidate unknowingly.

The funniest part is how trash Christie's cameo is. His favorite things about New Jersey? Taylor ham - hey stupid, it's called PORK ROLL. Bruce Springsteen - he hates Christie's guts. Jon Bon Jovi - hasn't been as vocal, but clearly is on the other side of the aisle from Christie. And then wrapping up with the faux-gangster tough guy threat? Cmon man.

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