This is one funny story and I think everyone probably deserves a laugh today. Washington Township, (the one located in Warren County) were called to a McDonald's on Route 31 because there were some chickens who were harassing customers. No joke. They were walking around the McDonald's chasing customers and even pecking their little beaks at some car tires. They were able to get a hold of these chickens and take them down to headquarters and locate the owners. It doesn't seem like any employees or McDonald's customers were harmed during this attack. Now we had just heard that McDonald's is going to be getting into the fried chicken sandwich game, so did these chickens hear about it and decide to stand up for their species? Maybe.

Stories like this just make me laugh out loud. It's like one of those Disney Pixar movies where the animals fight back. I want to be a vegetarian so bad not only because I love animals and it breaks my heart to eat them, but also because of some research I did on how they are killing so inhumanly. Not to mention the good impact it would have on our environment. I won't go on and on about that. What I do want to mention is my Aunt Michele who lives down in Bayville New Jersey who used to have chickens in her backyard. She had a coop for them and they laid eggs and frequently wondered around her yard during the day. She would even open her back door and call them and they would come running to the door. It was the cutest thing and they were like her little kids. We all loved them. She hasn't had them for years, but reading about this story made me miss them. I'm happy they found their owners.

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