With the way the world is operating, there's only so much you can do. It's hard to travel, there are no concerts, and it's still difficult to attend sporting events. So when in doubt, EAT! During the pandemic, my friends and I have been taking advantage of the tasty food that's offered at the Jersey Shore. Every Friday night we try to make reservations for a restaurant we've never been to before. Sometimes we keep it simple and grab bar food but other times we'll pick a place that many people suggest. With a bottle of sambuca, this past Friday night we found ourselves at Via Veneto.

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When I go to an Italian restaurant I like to keep it simple. If you can't make the classic Italian dishes, your restaurant won't be in business long, especially in New Jersey. Now, I will never go against my Mother's Italian cooking but Via Veneto might make the best chicken parmesan at the Jersey Shore. The ingredients were fresh and the portion was more than enough. Underneath the cheese and sauce, I think there were 4 or 5 chicken cutlets! I went with the classic red-sauce but my one friend ordered it with vodka sauce and she said it was fantastic. This was an A+ meal and the atmosphere was perfect. My friends and I had an awesome night! I highly recommend a night out at Via Veneto.

Via Veneto has two locations. The one in Brick is located in the Kennedy Mall and the one in Wall/ Manasquan is off of Rte. 35. You can like them on Facebook HERE. The Strippoli's are awesome owners and I wish them continued success in 2021!

p.s. - We finished the bottle of sambuca and I have been feeling rough since Friday night.

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