A major point of contention with Governor Murphy during the COVID-19 pandemic is graduations.

At first, Murphy said there NO actual graduations can take place due to maintaining social distancing. He added that graduations would have to happen virtually.

Parents and relatives of high school/college graduates were very angry about this because they felt that it is not right for the big box stores to have lines of people at the cash register, but it's not ok for graduates to stand in a line to accept their diploma.

Just a few weeks ago Governor Murphy made an announcement saying that graduations would be able to take place, but it wouldn't be until sometime in July, and all graduations would have to be outside to maintain social distancing.

My friend Danielle happened to be in a Walmart store down in Williamstown on the Black Horse Pike and heard graduation music being played inside the store. She decided to investigate.

I'm not sure what school this is, but what a great idea from whoever came up this. And as a bonus...The kids graduated in the lingerie section!!

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Andy Chase
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