First of all I really regret showing this picture to the guys and I often kick myself in the ass for admitting certain things on the show. Over four years ago I was lucky enough to marry a woman way too good for me. Not only is she way, waaaay too pretty for me but she is also a way better person than I am. I have no business being married to such an amazing woman.

With that said, today during a commercial break I was telling the guys about how awful my wedding pictures are. The guys tried to make me feel better about myself until they saw the picture I was talking about. They then laughed in my face, I still smell of Hot Wings saliva. Before you see the picture, please understand that my wife's sister hates my guts and the day of my wedding I allowed her to do my hair. I really regret that decision, I also regret having a nasty frat boy chin strap. My wife Kate's sister curled my bangs down and glued them to my giant forehead.

Enjoy this picture on my behalf.

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