The long weekend is a perfect excuse to watch some great patriotic movies! Here are some of mine, what tops your list?


It may have been Oscar-bait, but it's still a fantastic movie.

Air Force One

I'd vote for Harrison Ford, for what it's worth.


I will stop and watch Jaws pretty much any time I see it on TV. It doesn't matter if it started five minutes ago or if there are just five minutes left, I'm there for the duration. It might not be the most 'patriotic' movie, but it takes place on July 4th weekend, so it's perfect for this list.

Captain America: The First Avenger / Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I couldn't decide between which Cap movie I wanted, so I took the first two. I left 'Civil War' off the list, just because it feels like less of a Captain America movie and more of an Avengers movie.

Independence Day

Duh. What else would top the list of 'Independence Day Movies'?

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