Ocean and Monmouth County Pumpkin Picking Locations
Even though I am a huge fan of Summer, and I would prefer to wear shorts and be on my boat all year long, I am a fan of October.
If there is one month where I wouldn't mind wearing a hoodie at night, October is that month.
I could do without all the pumpkin spice "crap", but I l…
Another Ocean County Burger King Closes Its Doors
Say goodbye to another Burger King restaurant on the Jersey Shore.
The Burger King on Route 70 in Lakehurst, New Jersey has closed their doors for good unexpectedly yesterday
According to Exit 82 Scanner News:
Some of the residents of Lakehurst are saying this was one of the worst Burger Kings around..…
Daddio's Grille Opening Second Location In Ocean County Mall
Exciting news for Daddio's Grille in downtown Toms River...They are opening a second location in the food court in the Ocean County Mall.
There is no word yet when the mall location will be open. On their Facebook page it just says "soon"
If you have never had their food before,…

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