Casino Pier has some big additions for the 2019 season - three new rides, plus an old favorite!

The Centrifuge will be back on the Seaside Heights boardwalk this summer after being destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.

Casino Pier is also bringing three new rides geared towards children to the boardwalk:

  • Mermaid Parade Log Flume - a 130-foot long track and a small drop at the end
  • Elephant Express - riders climb onto the back of an elephant and take flight using a lever control
  • Crazy Cabs - riders will spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise on an angled, motion-based platform

Casino Pier is adding more games to the Midway, including Halo: Fireteam Raven, where players can link their personal Halo account from home to the boardwalk.

Are you ready for summer in Seaside?

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