This past September, Caffrey's in Lacey was destroyed by a massive fire.

Owner's said they would rebuild as soon as possible; Town officials said.....Not so fast!

The owners of Caffrey's were then denied permits to rebuild from officials due to current building and zoning laws.

According to Jersey Shore Online:

On Sept. 21, the township Zoning Officer, Loretta Rule, denied Caffrey’s zoning application based on issues with compliance. According to Rule, the building was not in compliance with code 335-8, which states that no structure can be rebuilt or altered unless it is “in conformity with the yard, lot area and building location regulations designated for the zone in which such building or open space is located.”

Last night at a zoning board meeting, the ruling to deny Caffrey's to rebuild has been reversed!

No exact word when rebuilding will begin, but according to owners..."We’re going to get started real soon”

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