Organizers of the Kiss Kruise Fest, a tie-in to the band’s official Kiss Kruise, announced a Kissmas Masquerade that will replace events that were canceled this year because of coronavirus restrictions.

The Kissmas Masquerade stars Bruce Kulick, who’ll perform an acoustic set of Kiss songs with assistance from bandmate Todd Kerns. Other performers include the Talismen – the backing band for both Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley – plus Jean Beauvoir, Rick Derringer and others. Tickets for the reduced-capacity show are on sale now. The performances will also be streamed live.

“Kissmas Masquerade is pleased to announce that Bruce Kulick and Todd Kerns will be performing a special show, which will be streamed live for the Kissmas Masquerade participants on Dec. 19,” reads a statement.

“Bruce and Todd will acoustically perform classic Kiss songs in an intimate setting. Bruce and Todd, along with the rest of Bruce’s band, were scheduled to perform at Kruise Fest, which is a two day pre-Kiss Kruise, fan-produced event, in Miami on Oct. 28. … Both Kruise Fest and the Kiss Kruise were canceled for 2020.”

That led Neil Davis and Brian Bell to create the Masquerade. “The intent was to provide a smaller and reformatted Kiss-themed event that could both provide an opportunity to end 2020 on a high note while at the same time adhering to COVID safety best practices," explains the statement.

The event takes place on Dec.18 and 19 in Sarasota, Fla. That weekend, an official announcement will be made about the 2021 edition of Cruise Fest. More details can be found at the Kissmas2020 website.


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