Yup he's probably crazy, but good for him!!!!...His name is Daniel Eugene Moniz, from Brick, New Jersey, and he is down in Florida wrestling massive pythons from the wild in the "2016 Python Challenge"

The "Python Challenge" is a four week event where people can help remove Burmese Pythons from the Florida Everglades.

Contestants compete over a four week period to see who can capture the most pythons from the wild, because these snakes are not native to the area, and are having a severe impact on the ecosystem of the Everglades, according to biologists.

In the four week period Moniz, caught 13 pythons. Read more about it here

Here's the video footage of today's catch. Sorry it's poor quality, somewhere during the upload it must have gotten over-compressed.

Posted by Daniel Eugene Moniz on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winners will be announced on February 27th for who catches the most pythons. First place prize for teams is $5,000. Individual First Place prize is $3,500