The third year of BrewMaster Madness wrapped up with ManaFirkin Brewing Company winning the tournament!

We took the trip to Manahawkin to hang out with Don, Todd, John, Steve & Lisa, a group of awesome, passionate people.

Once the tour was wrapped up, it was time to taste the beer that was good enough to nab ManaFirkin the title of "BrewMaster".

Fun fact: after the cameras stopped rolling we continued chatting, and I mentioned that the "Caramel Toe" was my favorite on the flight, to which Don replied "yeah, that one is really popular with the ladies."  Yep.

Be sure to check out ManaFirkin Brewery on East Bay in Manahawkin, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks again to everyone who voted in BrewMaster Madness 2018!

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