We started Round 1 with the "Sudsy Sixteen", sixteen great local breweries. You voted and got it down to the "Effervescent Eight" in Round 2. You voted some more and narrowed it the "Frosty Four" for Round 3, and an epic battle was waged between Screamin' Hill Brewery and Tomfoolery Brewing Company in the Championship Round.

After almost 33,000 votes were cast, the last brewery standing, the winner, the champ, the BREWMASTER is...


Tomfoolery was the 3rd highest overall vote-getter in Round 1. They defeated 6th seed Three 3's Brewing (also from Hammonton) to get through Round 2, and took down 5th seeded Dark City Brewing Company in Asbury Park to make it out of Round 3.

Congratulations to Tomfoolery Brewing Company in Hammonton for winning BrewMaster Madness 2016!